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Mentor Program

Mentor an SAA

The Alumni-SAA Mentor Program, in partnership with Alumni Affairs and Alumni Career Services, provides networking opportunities to College of Charleston SAAs and engages alumni as active partners in advancing the career development of these students.

Why Should I be a Mentor?

As a mentor, you will be matched with an SAA for a mentoring relationship, offering the student a career informational interview, a shadowing day, career advice, as well as other assistance that will be determined between the mentor and student mentee. Not only will you be providing an invaluable experience for a CofC student, you will also be giving back to the College and ensuring the future success of our graduates.

Students will meet with mentors in the workplace and on campus to gain advice and guidance on careers, workplace trends, and professional competencies. 

Click here to apply to be a mentor.

How do I get a Mentor?

SAAs can apply for a mentor during their Junior and Senior years. Students will have to submit a Mentee Application and Faculty Reference Form. Selected students will attend a small group orientation session covering what to expect, professional etiquette, and making the most of a student-mentor relationship.

How are Students and Mentors Matched?

Selected students will be matched to a mentoring opportunity based on career interest. The program committee will provide Alumni Mentors with information on their student match along with a Mentor Program Reference Guide in early October. Students will contact their mentors directly to schedule an introductory meeting.

For more information about the program, please click here or email Lauren Hurlock '14.